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Did you know all of the proceeds received from BCMC go back into our industry? We want to take this opportunity to thank BCMC Exhibitors for their significant support and sponsorship of structural building components industry programs. Without their continued support we would not have made such great achievements.


  • Total Exhibitors: 24
  • New Exhibitors in 2014: 1


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Alamco Wood Products, LLC — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

New Exhibitor 

Beautiful - Durable - Easy - Economical - Functional - Strong - Versatile Alamco Wood Products,LLC. www.alamcowood.com laminated beams beautify homes, sports arenas, religious structures, commercial and professional building, park shelters, bridges and more..... Laminated beams offer creative design option and open spaces. Enjoy the beauty and strength of exposed rafter, beams and ridges. Cathedral, vaulted, curved ceilings. Exposed structural supports. Add charm and individuality to any home, business or any public gathering place - custom design and manufactured. Design your distinctive commercial building today. Without a premium price. Establish a business atmosphere with simplicity of construction that means economy. Glulam's span large areas without the clutter of extra supports. Alamco manufactures beams to tolerance for Distributors throughout the United States. This reduces the need for on-site fabrication. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

Contact: Mr. Mike Price • 507-373-1401 • 507-373-8116 fax • Send Mike a messagewww.alamcowood.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

Anthony Forest Products — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Anthony Forest Products Company is an integrated forest products business begun in 1916. The company operates a southern pine lumber producing mill in Urbana, Arkansas; and wood chip mills in Plain Dealing, Louisiana, and Troup, Texas. The company also operates engineered wood laminating plants in El Dorado, Arkansas and Washington, Georgia. Anthony Forest Products Company and EACOM Timber Corporation of Montreal, Canada jointly own and operate an I-Joist manufacturing plant in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Contact: Mr. Kerlin Drake • 870-864-8704 • 870-862-6206 fax • Send Kerlin a messagewww.anthonyforest.com

Barrette Structural — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

The Barrette Structural Open Joist Floor System. The Strength of triangulation, maximization of dimensional lumber and environmentally-friendly field adjustability makes open joist TRIFORCE the only trimmable all-wood, open-webbed, finger-jointed floor joist installed without metal connectors. For more than 15 years, our finger-joint technology has demonstrated its strength and durability throughout North America. The open joist TRIFORCE has surpassed industry standards by establishing a new level of excellence in the engineering of floor systems. The open joist TRIFORCE provides.....Peace of Mind Underfoot. WWW.ojtriforce.com

Contact: Mr. Matt Loiselle • 203-917-1371 • Send Matt a message

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

BCMC Build — 200 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

If BCMC week is the structure, then BCMC Build is the entryway, setting the tone as our industry comes together to help a neighbor in need. We're excited to be partnering once again with Operation FINALLY HOME in the city where BCMC Build began four years ago. It's amazing to look back and see what we have accomplished! This annual event has changed lives for so many deserving families including the Ksors, Debra Jones, the Berrys, Karen and Theodore Williams, and 2013 recipient Cory Nusbaum. Getting involved in this influential event is guaranteed to make a huge impact on your life, too! Visit bcmcbuild.com for more information on this project and the courageous service member chosen to receive this year's new home. Drop by our booth to review highlights from the event, talk to a volunteer and learn how you can get involved the project.

Contact: Ms. Jill Zimmerman • 608-274-4849 • 608-274-3329 fax • Send Jill a messagewww.BCMCBuild.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

Calculated Structured Designs Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Calculated Structured Designs (CSD) is a software development company providing enterprise solutions for the engineered wood, architect, design, and building industries. Building with the most recent cutting edge development tools, CSD offers solutions for our industry leading designer, drafters, engineers, and builders.

Contact: Mr. Sean E. Nason • 403-797-2501 • 403-724-0091 fax • Send Sean a messagewww.csdsoftware.com

Products & Services (1): Computer Software

Canadian Wood Products - Mtl Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

CWP focuses its efforts on certain specialty products in order to offer a service of high quality. Our traders are in touch with forest products suppliers around the world. They can help you find what you need. The following products constitute our specialties: Certified Lumber, Commodities, Export, Hardwood Export, MSR Lumber, Premium Lumber, Tropical Wood, Pallet. Over the last years, our logistics and sales teams have developed a solid expertise in the export market. We now deliver across the globe and we are looking forward to helping your business in spanning overseas.

Contact: Ms. Johanne Bolduc • 514-871-2120 • 514-871-9316 fax • Send Johanne a messagewww.canadianwood.ca

Products & Services (2): Lumber Wholesaler/BrokerMSR Lumber Producer

Cargotec USA, Inc. - Hiab — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

HIAB truck-mounted articulated Cranes & Hiab-Moffett truck-mounted forklifts by Cargotec. Global market leaders in load handling solutions & services. Your one-stop shop for building material delivery equipment. We provide--Total Care--a service equipment program. For additional product information, please contact Cargotec USA, Inc.

Contact: Ms. Karen Herhuth • 419-482-6000 • 419-482-6001 fax • Send Karen a messagewww.cargotec.com

Carolina Strapping and Buckles Company — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Contact: Mr. Kevin Wassil • 704-349-0000 • 704-349-0010 fax • Send Kevin a messagewww.carolinastrapping.com

Component Manufacturing Advertiser — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Industry Trade Magazine including New & Used Equipment, Services, Products, and Career Choices in the Building Component and Engineered Wood Products Industry. Lowest advertising rates in the industry! Read on line or download PDF.

Contact: Mr. Thomas McAnally • 800-289-5627 x1 • 800-524-4982 fax • Send Thom a messagewww.componentadvertiser.com

Products & Services (1): Publication

Georgia-Pacific Softwood Lumber — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Contact: Mr. Ron Blanchard • 404-652-2819 • 404-487-4114 fax • Send Ron a messagewww.gp.com/build

Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Contact: Mr. Ron Blanchard • 404-652-2819 • 404-487-4114 fax • Send Ron a messagewww.gp.com/build

Gould Design, Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Gould Design, Inc. is a family owned and operated establishment partnered with MiTek USA and MiTek Canada. Specializing in remote truss design, our staff's knowledge & experience extend throughout North America. GDI carries liability insurance and software licensing rights. In total, our team of specialists have over 250 years of component design experience and offer an extensive variety of real-time field knowledge relating to engineered design and application. Value Statement: Garnishing relationships with customers and employees through integrity and professionalism, communication and ethics, resulting with increased efficiency and savings for the customer's bottom line. Mission Statement: Providing design solutions to component manufacturers with unique requirements, while maintaining quality and timely performance, optimally suited to your individual needs. Looking for truss quotes or production design? Does your staff need design efficiency training? GDI does it all, designing to your needs, one project at a time.

Contact: Mr. Christopher A. Gould • 772-475-3583 • Send Christopher a messagewww.goulddesigninc.com

Integrated Stealth Technology — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Integrated Stealth Technology will be showing automated jigging. Stop by and let us see what we can do for you.

Contact: Ms. Jeri Ashcraft • 517-323-1996 • 517-327-3451 fax • Send Jeri a messagewww.integratedstealth.com

Metsa Wood USA — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Metsa Wood USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Metsa Group of Finland. Metsa Wood manufactures Master Plank LVL, Master Chord LVL, Master Column, Master Header and Master Q for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Contact: Mr. Robert Loew • 800-622-5850 x102 • 810-824-4901 fax • Send Bob a messagewww.metsagroup.com

Princeton Delivery Systems Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Contact: Ms. Karen D. Herhuth • 785-229-6369 • Send Karen a messagewww.piggy-back.com

Robbins Lumber Company — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Robbins Lumber offers distribution centers throughout the Midwest and South Eastern United States specializing in MSR Pine, MSR spruce and SPF #2. We have office/reload locations in Florida, Michigan, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Chicago, IL. Stop by our booth and let us show you our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Contact: Mr. Greg Hellman • 813-971-3030 x264 • 813-971-1329 fax • Send Greg a messagewww.robbinslumber.com

Sherwood Lumber — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Sherwood Lumber is an independently owned, multifaceted wholesaler of lumber and building materials with offices in New York, Florida, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New England and Portland, Oregon. After nearly 6 decades in business, Sherwood has launched a new marketing campaign, re-branding the company as a leading national player with continued plans to expand across the United States. We are a distributor, risk manager and wholesale broker to lumber dealers, component and truss manufacturers and other industrial applicators. Products range in framing lumber of SYP, HF, DF and SPF to commodity and specialty panels in both soft and hardwoods. Sherwood can guarantee forward pricing for up to 12 months and typically maintains inventories of 60,000,000 board feet. "Lumber Numbers" is a company owned and published market analysis that is distributed weekly to many of our clients. Feel free to request a complimentary copy. We invite you to visit our new brand website at www.sherwoodlumber.com.

Contact: Mr. Joseph Sollitto • 631-232-9191 • 631-232-1976 fax • Send Joe a messagewww.sherwoodlumber.com

Products & Services (1): Lumber Distributor

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Simpson Strong-Tie — 400 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

SBC Gold Advertiser 

Simpson Strong-Tie introduces its updated Component Solutions software - featuring improved 3D modeling software, a full line of high-quality, code-listed truss connector plates, comprehensive training, unsurpassed customer service, and a wide range of Simpson Strong-Tie® structural connectors, fasteners, anchors and lateral systems. Learn more at www.strongtie.com/ics and our booth.

Contact: Ms. Frankie Emerson • 925-560-9081 • 925-833-1496 fax • Send Frankie a messagewww.strongtie.com

SL-Laser Systems — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Founded in 1988, SL Laser has been a pioneering force in the development of precision single and multiple head laser projection systems for truss, floor deck and wall panel systems. Our patented hardware and state-of-the-art software feature many user-friendly features designed to enhance functionality, while prompting the easy-to-use fundamentals that make our systems the industry benchmark. Seamless integration between TrussPilot™ software and hardware results in reduction of production costs and an increase in accuracy and profitability. Our Laser Systems can be found projecting increased productivity in some of the finest building components manufacturing companies in the world.

Contact: Mr. Scott McDonald • 704-561-9990 x102 • 704-561-9994 fax • Send Scott a messagewww.sl-laser.com

Products & Services (1): Laser Equipment

Structural Building Components Association — 400 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Representing component manufacturers, builders, material suppliers and industry professionals, SBCA provides the tools to protect and grow your business. Whether it's educational resources, risk management strategies, building code watch, financial/wage surveys, legislative alerts, in-plant safety and quality control, transportation issues, technical training or marketing plans, SBCA provides tangible benefits to members.

Contact: Ms. Trish L. Kutz • 608-274-4849 x168 • 608-274-3329 fax • Send Trish a messagewww.sbcindustry.com

Products & Services (1): Association

T. R. Miller Mill Co., Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Contact: Ms. Chrystal Hillman • 251-867-4331 x228 • 251-867-6882 fax • Send Chrystal a messagewww.trmillermill.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

Truss Plate Institute — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Lanyards Sponsor

The Truss Plate Institute (TPI) and its members are connecting the truss industry. Stop by our booth to learn about our nationally recognized 3rd Party Quality Assurance Inspection program, to learn about the ANSI/TPI 1 -2007 standard, and to review and ask questions about other guidelines and technical publications such as BCSI!

Contact: Mr. Michael A. Cassidy, R.A. • 703-683-1010 • 866-501-4012 fax • Send Mike a messagewww.tpinst.org

Products & Services (2): AssociationThird Party Inspection Agency

Wasserman & Associates, Inc. — 200 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

Wasserman & Associates is a representative for new truss, wall panel, stair, door and finger jointing equipment. We also offer the option of used or reconditioned equipment. As a partner in your equipment selection process, we promote the equipment that best suits your individual requirements, not the equipment that optimizes our commission.

Contact: Mr. Rod Wasserman • 402-761-2421 • 402-761-2422 fax • Send Rod a messagewww.wasserman-associates.com

WEIMA America, Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth # Not Yet Assigned

For 25 years WEIMA has been providing customized shredding solutions. Size reduction can be used to sell chips, provide boiler fuel or simply save on hauling and labor costs. WEIMA America offers both hopper-fed and horizontal machines with features like the V-Rotor System and the Cylinder-Assisted Lift-Up Screen.

Contact: Ms. Audrey Brewer • 803-802-7170 • 803-802-7098 fax • Send Audrey a messagewww.weimaamerica.com