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Did you know all of the proceeds received from BCMC go back into our industry? We want to take this opportunity to thank BCMC Exhibitors for their significant support and sponsorship of structural building components industry programs. Without their continued support we would not have made such great achievements.


  • Total Exhibitors: 92
  • New Exhibitors in 2014: 27
  • Floor Space Reserved: 26,100 sq.ft.
  • View Floor Plan (Subject to Change)


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4Ward Consulting Group — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #438

SBCA Member New Exhibitor 

4Ward Consulting Group clients experience more than 25 years of service and success from a team who have owned and operated several large component plants and other manufacturing operations in the building industry. Services include Lean/Continuous Improvement programs, Business Turn-Around, Time & Motion Studies and Key Metrics, New Business Startup, Business Valuations & Financial Services, Product Development, Personnel Development & Hiring Strategies, Supply Chain Management and many other services. 4Ward Consulting builds on First-Hand knowledge in every segment of operating a profitable component manufacturing business providing clients with an exceptional source of expertise.

Contact: Mr. Ben Hershey • 623-512-6770 • Send Ben a messagewww.4wardconsult.com

A-NU-PROSPECT — 600 sq.ft. — Booth #500

SBCA Member 

A-NU-PROSPECT provides the wood component industry with effective delivery systems. These trailers are of the highest quality in the industry featuring innovative improvements on an old concept. These trailers reduce delivery and maintenance costs while being more driver friendly than other trailers.

Contact: Mr. Joe Wilhelm • 519-349-2202 • 519-349-2342 fax • Send Joe a messagewww.trusstrailer.com

Alamco Wood Products, LLC — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #232

SBCA Member New Exhibitor 

Beautiful - Durable - Easy - Economical - Functional - Strong - Versatile Alamco Wood Products,LLC. www.alamcowood.com laminated beams beautify homes, sports arenas, religious structures, commercial and professional building, park shelters, bridges and more... Laminated beams offer creative design option and open spaces. Enjoy the beauty and strength of exposed rafter, beams and ridges. Cathedral, vaulted, curved ceilings. Exposed structural supports. Add charm and individuality to any home, business or any public gathering place – custom design and manufactured. Design your distinctive commercial building today. Without a premium price. Establish a business atmosphere with simplicity of construction that means economy. Glulam's span large areas without the clutter of extra supports. Alamco manufactures beams to tolerance for Distributors throughout the United States. This reduces the need for on-site fabrication. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

Contact: Mr. Mike Price • 507-373-1401 • 507-373-8116 fax • Send Mike a messagewww.alamcowood.com

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Alpine — 2,800 sq.ft. — Booth #501

SBCA Member SBC Gold Advertiser 

Recognized for its engineering excellence, productivity-enhancing software and equipment solutions, and the industry’s best service, Alpine is a leading provider of building component software, metal connector products and equipment to component manufacturers. Since 1966, the company has partnered closely with customers to enhance their business and productivity. Alpine is also a leader in delivering software solutions that increase homebuilder productivity and profitability. The company is a division of Illinois Tool Works Inc., a Fortune 200 global diversified manufacturer with $14.1 billion in revenue in 2013.

Contact: Mr. Michael P. Fagan • 800-521-9790 x4067 • 954-979-9683 fax • Send Michael a messagewww.alpineitw.com

Anthony Forest Products — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #512

Anthony Forest Products Company is an integrated forest products business begun in 1916. The company operates a southern pine lumber producing mill in Urbana, Arkansas; and wood chip mills in Plain Dealing, Louisiana, and Troup, Texas. The company also operates engineered wood laminating plants in El Dorado, Arkansas and Washington, Georgia. Anthony Forest Products Company and EACOM Timber Corporation of Montreal, Canada jointly own and operate an I-Joist manufacturing plant in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Contact: Mr. Kerlin Drake • 870-864-8704 • 870-862-6206 fax • Send Kerlin a messagewww.anthonyforest.com

Apex Machine Works LLC — 400 sq.ft. — Booth #535

SBCA Member 

The WoodRunner, from Apex Machine Works, LLC is a revolutionary step forward in automated lumber retrieval. Apex will feature a functioning Dual-Picking head and video from various installations that highlights user experience including: Works With ANY new or existing Linear Feed Saw; Increases Production 30% with Half the Labor; WoodRunner Sets the Pace of the Operator; and Ensures Correct Lumber Selected Every Time. This field-proven technology brings optimum efficiency to picking and feeding liner saws including Monet DeRobo, Hundegger SC-1, Omni Miser, MiTek Blade, Alpine’s ALS (276/286, 4.0), and soon other linear saws such as the TCT, Maximizer, Razor, etc.

Contact: Mr. Steve Weinschenk • 507-250-2909 • 507-322-3700 fax • Send Steve a messagewww.apexmachineworks.com

Products & Services (1): Equipment Manufacturer (Truss)

Autozen Automation — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #349

New Exhibitor 

My company provides service solutions for the manual and automated equipment used in the truss industry. This includes onsite or on the phone troubleshooting and repair to get your equipment back up and running and make your company profitable again. We will travel to your plant anywhere within the United States. Our rates are better than the manufacturer and we will take the additional time to get it right the first time.

Contact: Mr. Lance Yeager • 817-666-0880 • Send Lance a messagewww.autozenautomation.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

Barrette Structural — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #546

SBCA Member 

The Barrette Structural Open Joist Floor System. The Strength of triangulation, maximization of dimensional lumber and environmentally-friendly field adjustability makes open joist TRIFORCE the only trimmable all-wood, open-webbed, finger-jointed floor joist installed without metal connectors. For more than 15 years, our finger-joint technology has demonstrated its strength and durability throughout North America. The open joist TRIFORCE has surpassed industry standards by establishing a new level of excellence in the engineering of floor systems. The open joist TRIFORCE provides.....Peace of Mind Underfoot. WWW.ojtriforce.com

Contact: Mr. Matt Loiselle • 203-917-1371 • Send Matt a messagewww.openjoisttriforce.com

BASF — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #458

New Exhibitor 

Contact: Mr. Michael A. Johnston • 980-218-1894 • Send Michael a message

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

BCMC Build — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #436

This charitable construction project relies on the generosity and collaboration of component manufacturers, suppliers, framers and builders to fully frame and sheath a home for a deserving family in only three days. BCMC Build will partner with Operation FINALLY HOME again this year to construct a mortgage-free home for a wounded veteran in the city where this project was born four years ago. If you haven’t participated in BCMC Build in the past, this is a great year to start! Consider donating your time, materials or financial resources. Visit bcmcbuild.com for details.

Contact: Mr. Sean Shields • 608-274-4849 • 608-274-3329 fax • Send Sean a messagewww.bcmcshow.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

Beadles & Balfour, LLC — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #543

SBCA Member 

Manufacturers of visually superior SYP MSR lumber,graded and stamped with #1 wane. 2x4 through 2x12. Look for SPIB mill stamp number "205."

Contact: Mr. Joe Castleberry • 229-890-2400 • 229-985-0344 fax • Send Joe a messagewww.beadleslumber.com

Products & Services (2): Lumber MillMSR Lumber Producer

BlueLinx — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #244

SBCA Member New Exhibitor 

BlueLinx is America's distributor of building products, providing service and flexible distribution options to our customers and supplier partners. With more than 50 years of experience in the building products distribution industry, you can rely on BlueLinx to be a trusted partner who is committed to the success of your business.

Contact: Mr. Scot Bauer • 770-221-2556 • 303-706-8646 fax • Send Scot a messagewww.bluelinxco.com

Products & Services (1): Lumber Distributor

BlueTarp Financial, Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #547

SBCA Member New Exhibitor 

BlueTarp professionally manages the trade credit programs of building supply dealers. We help dealers grow sales and deliver more value to their contractors by offering extended terms and predictable cash flow. Our program features 60 day terms on all sales, BlueTarp payments to dealers twice a month and protection from credit risk.

Contact: Mr. John L. Bavester • 207-797-3443 • 207-797-3883 fax • Send John a messagewww.bluetarp.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

Boise Cascade Company — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #240

SBCA Member New Exhibitor 

Boise Cascade manufactures/markets engineered wood products such as VERSA-LAM® LVL (Beams Columns & Studs), BCI® and AJS® series I-Joists, Glulam Beams and Laminated Structural Decking. 60+ distributors across North America allow us to offer innovative value-added products and services to the construction industry. Visit our website at www.bcewp.com.

Contact: Mr. Dennis Huston • 208-384-6454 • 208-384-6455 fax • Send Denny a messagewww.bc.com

Boscus Canada Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #550

New Exhibitor 

Founded in 1981, Boscus Canada Inc. is a well-established organization operating in the lumber industry as a wholesaler, distributor and international broker. We are one of the most experienced and largest organizations of this type in Canada, marketing a large variety of softwood, hardwood and OSB products to major users in Canada, the United States and abroad. Boscus has the exclusive sales of Arbec Forest Products composed of 2 Eastern Canadian sawmills (Port Cartier, Peribonka), two OSB (Oriented Strand Board) mills and two Hardwood mills . The Eastern sawmills mainly harvest black spruce logs, known for its strength and small knots making it easy to work with. The OSB plants manufacture grade 2 and 3 panels in St-Georges-de-Champlain, Quebec and Miramichi, New-Brunswick. Please visit our website at www.boscus.com. Have a great convention, we are looking forward to meeting you.

Contact: Mr. David L'Écuyer • 514-694-9809 • 514-694-9221 fax • Send David a messagewww.boscus.com

CADWORK — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #642

New Exhibitor 

CADWORK is a unique 3D package capable of producing full documentation of your projects. This includes BOM, panel drawings, panel nesting, on-site assembly, and more. Also create data for automated CNC equipment. You can effortlessly build wall, floor, and roof panels according to your building system thanks to its flexibility. Hybrid construction is possible. Mixing 2x6 construction with timber frame or glulam structures is easy. CADWORK is your solution for architecture down to the last component including stairs and kitchen cabinets. CADWORK is a complete whole-house software.

Contact: Mr. Laurent Decosterd • 514-524-2442 • 514-524-2443 fax • Send Laurent a messagewww.cadwork.com

Products & Services (1): Computer Software

Calculated Structured Designs Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #440

Calculated Structured Designs (CSD™) is a technologically advanced software development company that provides enterprise solutions for the engineered wood, architectural and building industries. CSD™ Offers powerful, efficient, flexible and scalable solutions for 3D structural design & layout (isPlan™), single member design (isDesign™), Wall and Tall Wall modeling and design (isWall™), material take off and optimization including support for automated saws (isOptimizeTM), project management and much more.

Contact: Mr. Sean E. Nason • 403-797-2501 • 403-724-0091 fax • Send Sean a messagewww.csdsoftware.com

Products & Services (1): Computer Software

Canadian Wood Products — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #230

CWP focuses its efforts on certain specialty products in order to offer a service of high quality. Our traders are in touch with forest products suppliers around the world. They can help you find what you need. The following products constitute our specialties: Certified Lumber, Commodities, Export, Hardwood Export, MSR Lumber, Premium Lumber, Tropical Wood, Pallet. Over the last years, our logistics and sales teams have developed a solid expertise in the export market. We now deliver across the globe and we are looking forward to helping your business in spanning overseas.

Contact: Ms. Johanne Bolduc • 514-871-2120 • 514-871-9316 fax • Send Johanne a messagewww.canadianwood.ca

Products & Services (2): Lumber Wholesaler/BrokerMSR Lumber Producer

Canfor Wood Products Marketing — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #234

Canfor is a leading Canadian integrated forest products company based in Vancouver, British Columbia ("BC") involved primarily in the lumber business, with production facilities in BC, Alberta and the United States with a current annual production capacity of approximately 5.2 billion board feet of lumber.

Contact: Mr. Stacy Tiefenbach • 604-264-6024 • 604-264-6217 fax • Send Stacy a messagewww.canfor.com

Carolina Strapping and Buckles Company — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #454

Carolina Strapping and Buckles Company is the leading U.S. manufacturer of woven, composite and bonded strapping and lashing products used in a wide variety of packaging and load securement applications. Our brand name products: GatorSTRAP, MakoSTRAP, ZippSTRAP and GatorLASH offer savings, safety and convenience compared to traditional steel banding and ratchet straps.

Contact: Mr. Kevin Wassil • 704-349-0000 • 704-349-0010 fax • Send Kevin a messagewww.carolinastrapping.com

Cedar Creek — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #644

New Exhibitor 

Cedar Creek is a Building Materials Wholesaler with 24 distribution locations throughout the United States. We have locations in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, Illinois and Wisconsin. Along with commodity lumber and specialty products Cedar Creek is a distributor of Engineered Wood Products. We stock I joist, LVL, LSL, Treated Glulam beams, and Rim Board. We have design centers in each distribution location with the ability to produce joist and beam calculations as well as full layout drawings.

Contact: Mr. John Edwards • 800-222-1414 • 800-409-6537 fax • Send John a messagewww.cedarcreek.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

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Clark Industries, Inc. — 200 sq.ft. — Booth #329

SBCA Member SBC Gold Advertiser 

Considering Equipment? Consider Clark. With over 40+ years of truss manufacturing equipment building experience, we build equipment to last. We stress quality, reliability, and continued support. We take great pride not only in the equipment we manufacture and the service we provide, but also in the relationships that we've built throughout the years. Our equipment line includes roof truss presses, jack truss presses, floor truss machines, post & column lamination systems, and fully electric horizontal & peak-up style truss stacking systems. We realize everyone has their own way of doing things, so when “cookie cutter” won’t cut it, please come by our booth so we can learn how we can help you. We enjoy assisting companies with unique or special equipment requirements. So whether you’re a fresh face or an industry veteran, please take some time & stop by our booth...we're looking forward to visiting with you.

Contact: Mr. Jared Schulz • 417-235-7182 • 417-235-8262 fax • Send Jared a messagewww.clark-ind.com

Component Manufacturing Advertiser — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #544

SBCA Member 

Industry Trade Magazine including New & Used Equipment, Services, Products, and Career Choices in the Building Component and Engineered Wood Products Industry. Lowest advertising rates in the industry! Read on line or download PDF.

Contact: Mr. Thomas McAnally • 800-289-5627 x1 • 800-524-4982 fax • Send Thom a messagewww.componentadvertiser.com

Products & Services (1): Publication

Component Runner, LLC — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #413

SBCA Member New Exhibitor 

Component Runner, LLC is an outsource truss and wall panel design firm. We are authorized by MiTek to work exclusively for MiTek customers. We have designed over 3,000 jobs for over 200 MiTek customers since 2007 and our team has over 350 years of component design experience. Component Runner utilizes a combination of USA Project Managers with a minimum of 10+ years of experience and experienced design technicians resulting in quality work at affordable prices. Our services include; Complete Building Information Modeling using MiTek SAPPHIRE® Structure for truss and walls. Floor and roof truss designs using the MiTek engineering software. We provides our customers with quote ready designs as well as complete production ready truss designs, matched to your current MiTek defaults and preferences. Please visit our booth at BCMC 2014.

Contact: Mr. J. Chip Dean • 781-336-8157 • 781-987-8785 fax • Send Chip a messagewww.ComponentRunner.Com

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Composite Panel Systems LLC — 600 sq.ft. — Booth #555

SBCA Member New Exhibitor SBC Bronze Advertiser 

EPITOME | Quality Foundation Walls are a cutting edge alternative to concrete foundation walls. They are an innovative, structurally superior, highly insulated, fire and water resistive panel that incorporates nominally sized studs, 16 inches on center, a vapor barrier, double lapped top plate and a continuous R-16.5 insulation value in a single construct. Being an engineered solution the 7 inch thick panelized EPITOME foundation walls can be installed in as little as 2 hours and offer homeowners more usable damp free and mold resistant livable square footage in the lower level. To learn more visit us on-line @ epitomewalls.com

Contact: Mr. Scott Weber • 715-479-0007 • 715-479-5387 fax • Send Scott a messagewww.epitomewalls.com

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Eagle Metal Products — 400 sq.ft. — Booth #239

SBCA Member SBC Gold Advertiser 

Serving the component industry for more than 30 years with connector plates, structural design software, engineering services and manufacturing equipment, Eagle Metal is committed to providing exceptional products and customer service. Manufacturers across the country are discovering the advantages. Visit our booth to learn more. Eagle Metal…Engineered. Tested. True.®

Contact: Mr. Baird Quisenberry • 972-350-9803 • 972-888-9966 fax • Send Baird a messagewww.eaglemetal.com

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Eide — 1,000 sq.ft. — Booth #223

SBCA Member SBC Gold Advertiser 

WizardPDS® is the world’s leading automated truss jig system and the first to virtually eliminate ALL setup time and manual jigging at the assembly table. WizardPDS® technology will retrofit with virtually any new or existing truss manufacturing system. Powerful WizardPDS® Gold software offers Truss Projection & Laser Integration features.

Contact: Mr. G. Mitchell Eide • 612-521-9193 x2581 • 612-521-9307 fax • Send G. Mitchell a messagewww.eideintegratedsystems.com

Enventek LLC — 200 sq.ft. — Booth #222

Enventek manufactures user-friendly, safe and inexpensive automation for your company. We build competitive truss automation equipment. Our products include a high speed component saw, linear saw, projector systems, and more. Come see our latest products at www.enventek.com.

Contact: Mr. Chris Walters • 269-815-4150 • 269-471-1330 fax • Send Chris a messagewww.enventek.com

Products & Services (1): Equipment Manufacturer (Truss)

Essetre / Timber Tools — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #444

New Exhibitor 

Essetre designs and manufactures specialty and CNC wood processing centers for woodworking and timber industries. NEW: "Techno SAW +" the robotic machine for dimensional lumber cutting and truss manufacturing. NEW: Techno MULTIWALL, the robotic machine for wall assembly, nail/screw, installation and turning. Other: Techno FAST, CNC center for tall, heavy trusses. Other: Techno TURN, the all-round CNC timber processing center. Other: Techno PF, CNC center for complex, very large timber processing.

Contact: Mr. Gary Richter • 800-350-8176 • Send Gary a messagewww.timbertools.com

FastenMaster — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #411

SBCA Member 

FastenMaster is a brand of task specific contractor quality fasteners engineered to enable a PRO builder to complete a project Faster – Easier - Stronger

Contact: Ms. Tina Del Monte • 800-518-3569 x466 • 413-786-1760 fax • Send Tina a messagewww.fastenmaster.com

Georgia-Pacific Softwood Lumber — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #245

SBCA Member 

Georgia-Pacific southern pine dimension lumber is the workhorse of the industry. It is an affordable, strong, durable softwood that is excellent for floor and roof trusses, pressure treating, light frame construction, general utility framing, studs, bracing, blocking, pallets, crating, and rafters. Georgia-Pacific Southern Pine lumber is available in a variety of grades to meet your needs, and we have Southern Pine sawmills stretching from North Carolina to Texas - so you can count on reliable and dependable sourcing.

Contact: Mr. Ron Blanchard • 404-652-2819 • 404-487-4114 fax • Send Ron a messagewww.gp.com/build

Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #247

SBCA Member 

Georgia-Pacific is a leading manufacturer of structural panels, including an array of oriented strand board (OSB) products. Georgia-Pacific has a proven history of producing high quality OSB panels for a variety of construction applications.Georgia-Pacific is also a leading manufacturer of pine plywood structural panels. As the largest manufacturer of plywood in the U. S. marketplace, Georgia-Pacific has a proven history of producing high quality plywood panels for a variety of construction applications. When you need cost-effective high performance in floor and roof systems, beams and headers, or rim boards for frame construction, Georgia-Pacific engineered lumber products outperform conventional lumber with higher strength and greater stability over longer spans. Our engineered lumber resists shrinking, crowning, twisting and warping, which means quieter floors and fewer callbacks.

Contact: Mr. Ron Blanchard • 404-652-2819 • 404-487-4114 fax • Send Ron a messagewww.gp.com/build

GILMAN BUILDING PRODUCTS, LLC — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #448

Gilman Building Products is a quality Southern Yellow Pine Manufacturer, servicing the Truss Industry since 1972. Gilman's annual production of SYP lumber exceeds 600 million board feet per year, with 75% of production going directly to the Truss and Component Manufacturing Industry. We invite you to come by our booth and visit us.

Contact: Ms. Haley Dyar • 912-576-0300 • Send Haley a message

Products & Services (1): Lumber Mill

Gould Design, Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #318

SBCA Member 

Gould Design, Inc. is a family owned and operated establishment partnered with MiTek USA and MiTek Canada. Specializing in remote truss design, our staff’s knowledge & experience extend throughout North America. GDI carries liability insurance and software licensing rights. In total, our team of specialists have over 250 years of component design experience and offer an extensive variety of real-time field knowledge relating to engineered design and application. Value Statement: Garnishing relationships with customers and employees through integrity and professionalism, communication and ethics, resulting with increased efficiency and savings for the customer's bottom line. Mission Statement: Providing design solutions to component manufacturers with unique requirements, while maintaining quality and timely performance, optimally suited to your individual needs. Looking for truss quotes or production design? Does your staff need design efficiency training? GDI does it all, designing to your needs, one project at a time.

Contact: Mr. Christopher A. Gould • 772-475-3583 • Send Christopher a messagewww.goulddesigninc.com

Hiab USA, Inc. — 200 sq.ft. — Booth #449

SBCA Member 

Hiab is the world's leading provider of on-road load handling equipment. Customer satisfaction is the first priority for us. Hiab's product range includes HIAB loader cranes, JONSERED recycling and forestry cranes, LOGLIFT forestry cranes, MOFFETT truck-mounted forklifts and MULTILIFT demountables, as well as DEL, WALTCO and ZEPRO tail lifts. www.hiab.us.com Hiab is part of Cargotec. www.cargotec.com

Contact: Ms. Karen Herhuth • 419-482-6000 • 419-482-6001 fax • Send Karen a messagewww.hiab.us.com

hsbCAD North America — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #337

hsbCAD North America has been the exclusive distribution and support center for all hsbCAD products in North America for over 10 years. Our team of technicians/programmers have had a major role in the development of the software for the North American market. In 2010 hsbSTEEL was introduced to the North American market after years of development for the light gauge steel industry. We provide our clients with full technical support, on-site training and customization.

Contact: Mr. Anthony Montesano • 514-428-1444 x101 • 514-428-1448 fax • Send Anthony a messagewww.hsbcad.com

Products & Services (1): Computer Software

Huber Engineered Woods, LLC — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #341

New Exhibitor 

AdvanTech® flooring delivers the total performance package of strength, fastener holding, moisture resistance, and quality. ZIP System® sheathing and tape is an innovative structural roof and wall system with an integrated water resistant and air barrier, that streamlines the weatherization process and transforms it with a simple two-step installation. Visit www.huberwood.com

Contact: Mr. Samuel Bond • 904-588-2139 • 704-731-0542 fax • Send Sam a messagewww.huberwood.com

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Hundegger USA — 2,400 sq.ft. — Booth #519

SBCA Member SBC Silver Advertiser 

We know how seriously you take your business. That’s why we’re just as passionate about ours. Hundegger is the world’s leading manufacturer of linear saws. Some companies try to be everything to everyone, but it’s hard to be the store that sells bait and diapers and software. For CM’s whose operation demands the best of the best, there is no other choice than Hundegger. With Hundegger's exclusive HMC™ (Hundegger Motion Control) every part has more consistent and continuous contact with the most accurate and reliable measuring system on the market. Hundegger may not sell plates and software, but that’s a good thing. We are only focused on delivering greater accuracy and higher throughput than any other component saw in the industry. Whether you operate a truss plant, panelize walls, precision end trim EWP, or all of the above, Hundegger is the solution.

Contact: Mr. Steve Shrader • 435-654-3028 • 435-654-3066 fax • Send Steve a messagewww.hundeggerusa.com

Integrated Stealth Technology — 600 sq.ft. — Booth #117

SBCA Member 

Integrated Stealth Technology will be showing automated jigging. Stop by and let us see what we can do for you.

Contact: Ms. Jeri Ashcraft • 517-323-1996 • 517-327-3451 fax • Send Jeri a messagewww.integratedstealth.com

Interfor — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #640

SBCA Member 

Interfor offers one of the most diverse lines of lumber products in the world from operations across North America. With a wide range of products including dimensional and MSR lumber for truss and wall panel construction, Interfor has built a reputation on meeting customers’ needs with choice and quality.

Contact: Ms. Jennifer Raworth • 604-689-6863 • Send Jennifer a messagewww.interfor.com

Products & Services (1): MSR Lumber Producer

International Beams, Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #441

We've raised the beam at International Beams. We have the largest Solid Sawn I-Joist production capacity in North America, yet are also a adept at meeting your expectations, so start raising them higher. Visit us at our booth to find out how we'll support you.

Contact: Ms. Annette Bobko • 941-366-5246 • 514-849-1958 fax • Send Annette a messagewww.internationalbeams.com

Products & Services (1): Engineered Wood Products Manufacturer

Keymark Enterprises, LLC — 200 sq.ft. — Booth #522

SBCA Member 

Have you got money to burn? No? Then, have we got a truss for you! Keymark Enterprises is proud to introduce KeyTruss - a revolution in steel-truss design and savings. Let Keymark show you how the strong and reliable KeyTruss design can reduce your material and labor costs by over 25%.

Contact: Ms. Kellie Ogle • 303-443-8033 • 303-443-9054 fax • Send Kellie a messagewww.keymark.com

Klausner Trading USA, Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #421

New Exhibitor 

Klausner produces high quality European Spruce and Pine and starting this year Southern Yellow Pine Dimension lumber, Studs and Boards for the U.S. Market. Every piece of SYP is slow dried and mild protected to give you a straighter‎, cleaner piece of lumber with the quality you have come to expect from Klausner.

Contact: Mr. Thomas Mende • 843-626-9600 • 843-626-9629 fax • Send Thomas a messagewww.klausner-group.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

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Lakeside Trailer Mfg., Inc. — 600 sq.ft. — Booth #354

SBCA Member SBC Gold Advertiser 

Stop by Lakeside Trailer booth for all of your delivery needs. Lakeside has been building engineered component trailers since 1987. Lakeside has built over 1850 truss trailers for our industry and continues to be the leader in new products to allow your delivery operations remain as competitive as possible.

Contact: Mr. Lee J. Kinsman • 573-736-2966 • 573-736-5515 fax • Send Lee a messagewww.rollerbed.com

Lamco Forest Products — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #246

SBCA Member 

LAMCO Forest Products produces a unique Engineered Wood Product called LAMCO LFL® made from black spruce dimensional lumber with strengths of 1.6E, 1.7E, 1.9E & 2.1E. LAMCO LFL® is available in 1-1/2" thickness & depths from 2-1/2" - 16" up to a maximum length of 32'-1". Lamco LFL® is perfect for Truss Components; replaces MSR, LVL & LSL with better plate placement. For Wall Panels; LAMCO LFL® provides better studs & headers with desirable density and workability making it easier on your equipment with no penalties for depth or length. For Manufactured Housing; LAMCO LFL® provides a broad range of products for perimeter rail, marriage beams, solid wood joists Precision Trimmed with available pre-cut holes similar to an I-joist. For Country Homes & Chalets; LAMFLOOR® roof and floor decking comes in 1¼" x 10 3/4" giving you a beautiful solid wood structure minimizing air losses, providing better sound transmission coefficients & can be pre-stained & finished ready for installation.

Contact: Mr. Andrew M. Dingman • 770-486-7282 • 770-486-3588 fax • Send Andrew a messagewww.lamcoforest.com

Lumber Technology Corporation — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #460

Live wire lumber merchants with over 40 years experience servicing the component industry. One telephone call to us puts you in touch with both Southern Pine and Canadian SPF markets. One telephone call to us provides you the most efficient and competitive means to make that difficult job more profitable. One telephone call to us does not put you in touch with a recorded message, but an in-depth experienced trader that can immediately react to your needs. Contact: Darren Satsky, Darren@lumbertechnology.com, www.lumbertechnology.com, 800/526-4926 (phone) and 973/467-2104 (fax)

Contact: Mr. Darren Satsky • 800-526-4926 x17 • 973-467-2104 fax • Send Darren a messagewww.lumbertechnology.com

MangoTech USA LLC / Square 1 Design & Manufacture — 800 sq.ft. — Booth #455

SBCA Member 

MangoTech USA LLC and Square 1 Design, together, offer complete structural component solutions. MangoTech will be displaying its latest Automated Wall Extruder, The Apollo Saw, The Spida Saw CSS and the MangoTech Wall Plate Marker for use with the Apollo Saw or a simple chop saw. Square 1 Design & Manufacture will be displaying Floor Truss Equipment including the Rolsplicer and the New FTFR. Additionally, Spida Machinery and MultiNail Machinery will be onsite with news of exciting new products for the North American markets.

Contact: Mr. Jay Bunyard • 866-466-2646 • 951-654-3526 fax • Send Jay a messagewww.Mangotech.com

Metriguard — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #443

The world's leading provider of precision equipment for machine lumber grading (MSR & MEL), veneer testing (LVL), bending & tension testing (Quality Control), and structural panels (OSB & plywood).

Contact: Mr. Todd Kurle • 509-332-7526 • 509-332-0485 fax • Send Todd a messagewww.metriguard.com

Products & Services (1): Equipment Manufacturer (Truss)

Metsa Wood USA — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #540

SBCA Member 

Metsa Wood USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Metsa Group of Finland. Metsa Wood manufactures Master Plank LVL, Master Chord LVL, Master Column, Master Header and Master Q for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Contact: Mr. Robert Loew • 800-824-4890 x102 • 810-824-4901 fax • Send Bob a messagewww.metsagroup.com

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MiTek — 4,200 sq.ft. — Booth #101

SBCA Member 5K Run for BCMC Build Sponsor BCMC Bowl Sponsor Convention Center Banner Sponsor Educational Track Handouts-Ad on Inside Back Cover Sponsor Educational Track Handouts-Front Cover Acknowledge Sponsor SBC Gold Advertiser 

Better Technology. Better Building. That is what MiTek brings to your business. From two automated jigging options to the best single blade and component saw and industry leading software, MiTek provides Better Technology leading to Better Building. It’s more than just technology, it is about relationships. It’s about relationships that are founded in the best engineering, technical and customer service available. So come see the BLADE and Cyber saws, PLANX and Wizard automated jigging systems along with Virtek Laser systems. And don’t miss seeing what the industry’s best software, SAPPHIRE has to offer and then check out the newest division of MiTek – the MiTek Builders Products Division. We brought together the best structural connectors and shear panels under one banner – USP Structural Connectors along with Hardy Frame shear panels and Z4 cinch nuts. Come experience Better Technology. Better Building.

Contact: Mr. Michael Klein • 314-851-7445 • 314-434-1394 fax • Send Michael a messagewww.mitek-us.com

Modern Lumber Technology, Ltd (MLT) — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #238

SBCA Member New Exhibitor 

A manufacturer of the superior quality LVL under the Ultralam™ brand. State of the art facility with a 63-meter long continuous press by Dieffenbacher – largest of its kind in the world. Ultralam™ is well recognized in EU, Australia, Taiwan, Middle East, and S. Africa. DrJ, ICC-ES approved. FSC certified.

Contact: Mr. David Miskevich • 011-7-812-312-4898 • Send David a messagewww.ultralam.com

Products & Services (1): LVL Manufacturer

Monet Desauw Inc. — 1,200 sq.ft. — Booth #317

SBCA Member 

Monet DeSauw Inc. is a company where Engineering and Service collide, bringing you the most sought after cutting and material handling equipment available today. Our linear saw has proven to be the most cost effective saw and our floor web and DeSawyer 2000 fully automated saws are the most reliable.

Contact: Mr. Kevin Troesser • 573-642-4900 • 573-642-3736 fax • Send Kevin a messagewww.desauw.com

National Framers Council — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #434

New Exhibitor 

The mission of the National Framers Council (NFC) is to develop standards for framing field operations and management to be used as industry best practices, nationally. As a Council of SBCA, NFC’s primary purpose is to help ensure all framers leave the jobsite each day in the same health as they arrived. The first major project is a National Safety Standard, FrameSAFE, which will standardize jobsite safety practices and create common sense approaches to framing. Members can utilize NFC’s Jobsite Safety Orientation Checklist and Technical Support Hotline, plus initial subscribers to FrameSAFE will receive access to a members-only pdf library of Toolbox Talks and standard checklists.

Contact: Ms. Lauren Clickner • Send Lauren a messagehttp://www.framerscouncil.org

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

Norbord Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #361

New Exhibitor 

Norbord brands build value into every project. Energy efficiency, reducing waste, material and labor costs for builders is our focus. Solutions with real value! With products like TALLWALL, WINDSTORM, PINNACLE and SOLARBORD; Norbord has all your wall, flooring and roof sheathing needs covered.

Contact: Mr. Geoffrey Angle • 416-365-0700 • 416-777-4415 fax • Send Geoff a messagewww.norbord.com/na

Products & Services (1): I-Joist Manufacturer

North Star Forest Materials — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #242

New Exhibitor 

North Star Forest Materials is amongst the largest Commodity Lumber & Panel Trading & Distribution Centers in the upper Midwest. We specialize in servicing the component manufacture and we are recognized by our customers as holding one of the largest and most diverse lines of #2/MSR Lumber and Panel products available in the market today. We carry dimensional lumber, web, and stud species from SPF, D-FL, ESLP, and SYP in grades ranging from #2 to 2850 MSR, as well as a selection of proprietary visual grades. In panels we carry a broad range of structural plywood in both Fir and SYP, plus a full line of OSB produced by the leading manufactures in the Midwest. At North Star, you'll receive the competitiveness of an office wholesale company along with the backup inventory from our either our St. Paul or Chicago reload facilities. Please join our family of customers today.

Contact: Mr. Brian T. Kass • 651-644-9807 x2710 • 651-644-9520 fax • Send Brian a messagewww.weekesforest.com

PANELS PLUS — 200 sq.ft. — Booth #344

SBCA Member 

In our industry, quality is most important and time is extremely valuable. The housing and construction industries are quickly improving and can be hard to keep up. What you need is equipment that will boost your productivity to its highest level. Panels Plus is the answer. Panels Plus offers a full line of wall panel equipment for faster, more efficient production. Whether you are new to the industry or have been around awhile, our goal is to help you be the leading manufacturer in your market. With our fast installation process, ease-of-use and outstanding customer service we will guide you to the top in no time. Panels Plus is an employee owned company that cares. Our employees build every piece of equipment with simplicity, integrity and superior quality. We are confident in bringing success to your business by being your source for wood and steel wall panel equipment.

Contact: Mr. Tim Kaasa • 507-377-5341 • 507-369-0524 fax • Send Tim a messagewww.panplus.com

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Pennsylvania & Indiana Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Companies — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #446

SBCA Member SBC Silver Advertiser 

PLM and ILM have joined to combine their strengths and become the premier insurance provider for the lumber, woodworking and building material industries. Founded “by lumbermen, for lumbermen” in the 1890s, both companies have focused on the wood industry throughout their histories. PLM/ILM offers competitive rates, loss control programs and prompt claims response and handling. We are financially strong and carry an A.M. Best rating of A- (Excellent).

Contact: Ms. Charlotte Friend • 267-825-9352 • 267-825-9351 fax • Send Charlotte a messagewww.plmins.com

Products & Services (1): Insurance

Pratt Industries, Inc — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #549

SBCA Member Pens Found at Registration and Breakout Sessions Sponsor Tote Bags Sponsor

Pratt, the Leading North American manufacturer of Roll-Off Truss Trailers, proud to service the building construction industry with custom length trailers for Pick-up Trucks and Tractors. Trailers are built with fully galvanized components for longevity. Around 25 options are available to choose from to fulfill your custom needs. Pratt has been building custom trailers for the last 41 years for almost every industry you can think of. We make custom flat beds, extendable drop decks, Container Chassis, ISO Tank Chassis, Oil Field trailers, Modular Home Trailers, Agricultural trailers, Chemical Trailers, Power Generator Trailers, Low Boys, Curtain Side Trailers, etc. With our extensive, highly talented engineering staff, we can build any custom trailer your work demands. We are a one stop custom trailer manufacturer. All you need is call us @ 800-546-7728 or email us at Sales@prattinc.com.

Contact: Ms. Melanie A. Marshall • 269-465-7676 x119 • 269-465-7677 fax • Send Melanie a messagewww.prattinc.com

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Precision Equipment MFG — 800 sq.ft. — Booth #639

SBCA Member SBC Gold Advertiser 

Precision Equipment MFG manufactures premier truss trailers specifically designed to accommodate the challenging demands of the building industry. Precision Equipment MFG offers multiple truss trailer sizes in the gooseneck, standard and extendables. Precision Equipment MFG incorporates industry leading manufacturing components and features to ensure an excellent return on your investment.

Contact: Mr. Ken Axtman • 701-237-5161 • 701-280-0946 fax • Send Ken a messagewww.precisionequipmfg.com

Products & Services (1): Trailer Sales & Service

Quick Tie Products — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #456

SBCA Member 

The QuickTie System is a roof and wall anchoring system consisting of wire rope with threaded studs swagged to each end. One of the threaded studs is embedded into cured concrete by inserting it into a pre-drilled hole and using epoxy adhesive to anchor it into the foundation. The opposite end of the wire rope with the threaded stud is extended vertically to the uppermost top of the stud wall, inserted through a hole drilled through the top plate(s), and attached to a steel plate and nut that are placed on top of the top plate(s). The nut is then tightened providing hold-down resistance for the wall. Trusses, headers and bottom plates are connected with Quick Connectors to provide distribution of load to the QuickTie System.

Contact: Mr. Bob Frosio • 904-281-0525 • 904-281-0526 fax • Send Bob a messagewww.quicktiesystems.com

Products & Services (1): Connector/Hanger Manufacturer

Randek AB — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #548

Randek develops, manufactures and markets high-performance machines and systems for prefabricated house manufacturing. The product range consists of: cut saws, wall floor and roof lines, roof truss systems, butterfly tables and special machines. The automation level stretches from fully automated to manual. The company history goes back to the 1940s and began working in close cooperation with the first prefabricating house producers. Today leading house producers in 38 countries are using Randek machines and system.

Contact: Mr. Ola Svensson • +46709849916 • +46 346 55701 fax • Send Ola a messagewww.randek.com

Rex Lumber — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #226

SBCA Member 

Rex Lumber, a fourth generation company of the McRae family, has three syp sawmills, two in northwest Florida and one in Mississippi. The state-of-the-art sawmills’ production are from dense forests focusing in high grades including 1 and 2 prime for the box and export markets as well as machine evaluated and machine stress rated grades for truss markets. Please visit our website at rex-lumber.com and come chat with one of our knowledgeable salespersons.

Contact: Mr. Chuck Smith • 850-263-1861 • 850-263-2059 fax • Send Chuck a messagewww.rex-lumber.com

Products & Services (1): Lumber Mill

Robbins Lumber — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #351

SBCA Member 

Robbins Lumber offers distribution centers throughout the Midwest and South Eastern United States specializing in MSR Pine, MSR spruce and SPF #2. We have office/reload locations in Florida, Michigan, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Chicago, IL. Stop by our booth and let us show you our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Contact: Mr. Greg Hellman • 813-971-3030 x264 • 813-971-1329 fax • Send Greg a messagewww.robbinslumber.com

Safety Pole — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #335

New Exhibitor 

The all new patented Safety Pole System meets OHSA's fall arrest requirements and protects workers during all phases of the framing process. Whether installing exterior walls, setting roof trusses, sheathing or installing fascia, the Safety Pole System provides one simple, convenient and complete solution to meet your requirements for fall arrest.

Contact: Mr. Paul Cracknell • 702-289-5472 • Send Paul a messagewww.safetypole.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

Sauter-Timber LLC — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #545

SBCA Member 

Sauter Timber is North Americas Joinery Center for heavy timber components. We supply the building industry with pre-cut heavy timber components to match with other components, as well as complete timber frame and hybrid homes.

Contact: Mr. Reinhard Sauter • 865-354-6363 • 530-420-3515 fax • Send Reinhard a messagewww.Sauter-Timber.com

Schaffer Associates, Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #347

New Exhibitor 

Having hands-on experience in the building products industries, the Schaffer Associates team is uniquely qualified to deliver the best talent in the marketplace, every time. Our executive recruiting team brings a dedication to excellence and an uncompromising integrity to the process that you will find refreshing. Over the past 22 years, we have documented success partnering with companies in the building components sector to recruit only the best candidates for unique positions. This refined research-based approach coupled with our extensive industry network has delivered been proven results every time.

Contact: Mr. Nathan Tillotson • 704-535-9939 • 704-535-9699 fax • Send Nathan a messagewww.consultsa.com

SCOTCH GULF LUMBER, LLC — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #236

SBCA Member 

Scotch Gulf Lumber, manufacturers of quality southern yellow pine lumber since 1892. One of the pioneers in MSR lumber with 3 sawmills and treating facility located in Alabama with a production capacity of 365 million board feet. Various items produced are: MSR lumber, standard dimension and radius edge decking.

Contact: Mr. Gary Burch • 251-452-7152 • 251-452-7159 fax • Send Gary a messagewww.scotchgulf.com

Products & Services (1): Lumber Mill

Semmler Systems, Inc — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #648

New Exhibitor 

Semmler's BIG RED 3 Column Fabricating Equipment. If you are a truss manufacturing plant, post frame package supplier, post frame builder or want to start a wood column fabricating plant, the Big Red 3 is a perfect fit for you. It's a one stop "Total System" design of in-line equipment to best save plant layout space that requires only one operator. "Total System" equipment includes the following: New design Big Red 3 column nailing bridge that contains 10,000 nails in one loading, Conveyor system, Gusset press, Planner with Chip collector, Bunk stacking cart on flanged wheels and Track with the latest addition "Automatic Stacker". Now available is the full line of Finger joint equipment that features a finger jointer with a unique joint detail, Jib crane with vacuum lift and scissor lift.

Contact: Mr. Jim Semmler • 605-787-4765 • 605-787-4834 fax • Send Jim a messagewww.semmlerinc.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

Sherwood Lumber — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #419

SBCA Member 

Sherwood Lumber is an independently owned, multifaceted wholesaler of lumber and building materials with offices in New York, Florida, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New England and Portland, Oregon. After nearly 6 decades in business, Sherwood has launched a new marketing campaign, re-branding the company as a leading national player with continued plans to expand across the United States. We are a distributor, risk manager and wholesale broker to lumber dealers, component and truss manufacturers and other industrial applicators. Products range in framing lumber of SYP, HF, DF and SPF to commodity and specialty panels in both soft and hardwoods. Sherwood can guarantee forward pricing for up to 12 months and typically maintains inventories of 60,000,000 board feet. “Lumber Numbers” is a company owned and published market analysis that is distributed weekly to many of our clients. Feel free to request a complimentary copy. We invite you to visit our new brand website at www.sherwoodlumber.com.

Contact: Mr. Joseph Sollitto • 631-232-9191 • 631-232-1976 fax • Send Joe a messagewww.sherwoodlumber.com

Products & Services (1): Lumber Distributor

Shuqualak Lumber — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #339

SBCA Member 

Shuqualak Lumber Company is proud to offer the finest grades of Southern Yellow Pine dimension lumber, ranging from Clear to MSR to Industrial grades. Our large log-diet insures that we offer the most fine fiber and grain density around!

Contact: Mr. Kevin Rooney • 662-793-4528 • 662-793-4568 fax • Send Kevin a messagewww.scrimtec.com

Products & Services (1): Lumber Mill

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Simpson Strong-Tie — 400 sq.ft. — Booth #429

SBCA Member SBC Gold Advertiser 

Simpson Strong-Tie introduces its updated Component Solutions software – featuring improved 3D modeling software, a full line of high-quality, code-listed truss connector plates, comprehensive training, unsurpassed customer service, and a wide range of Simpson Strong-Tie® structural connectors, fasteners, anchors and lateral systems. Learn more at www.strongtie.com/ics and our booth.

Contact: Ms. Frankie Emerson • 925-560-9081 • 925-833-1496 fax • Send Frankie a messagewww.strongtie.com

SL-Laser Systems — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #542

SBCA Member 

Founded in 1988, SL Laser has been a pioneering force in the development of precision single and multiple head laser projection systems for truss, floor deck and wall panel systems. Our patented hardware and state-of-the-art software feature many user-friendly features designed to enhance functionality, while prompting the easy-to-use fundamentals that make our systems the industry benchmark. Seamless integration between TrussPilot™ software and hardware results in reduction of production costs and an increase in accuracy and profitability. Our Laser Systems can be found projecting increased productivity in some of the finest building components manufacturing companies in the world.

Contact: Mr. Scott McDonald • 704-561-9990 x102 • 704-561-9994 fax • Send Scott a messagewww.sl-laser.com

Products & Services (1): Laser Equipment

Stiles Machinery Inc. — 200 sq.ft. — Booth #516

SBCA Member 

Stiles Machinery Inc. is the world's largest independent distributor of advanced CNC equipment for processing wood panels, solid wood, composites, plastic, glass, stone, and other materials. Founded in 1965, Stiles offers a Total Production Solutions approach to manufacturing, from equipment integration and manufacturing consulting to education, service and parts. Large processor or small shop, Stiles is your single best source for the tools and the knowledge you need to be competitive in your market. The way we see it, our business is helping your business succeed–whether through equipment solutions, new technology or educational opportunities. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Stiles has regional locations in Toms River, New Jersey; High Point, North Carolina; Coppell, Texas; and Rancho Cucamonga, California. Visit Stiles at www.stilesmachinery.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/StilesMachinery.

Contact: Ms. Christina Elsenbroek • 616-698-7500 • 616-698-9411 fax • Send Christina a messagewww.stilesmachinery.com

StrucSoft Solutions Ltd. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #447

Want to get your specialty components specified on framing jobs AND be BIM-compliant? Let MWF (Metal Wood Framer) for Revit be your vehicle! MWF automates framing of studs and joists, 2D shop floor drawing production, cut lists and CNC output. MWF collects the complex calculations necessary to create the correct framing for every opening.

Contact: Ms. Dawn Deschamps • 514-731-0008 • 514-739-0002 fax • Send Dawn a messagewww.strucsoftsolutions.com

Products & Services (1): Computer Software

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Structural Building Components Association — 400 sq.ft. — Booth #435

SBC Gold Advertiser 

Representing component manufacturers, builders, material suppliers and industry professionals, SBCA provides the tools to protect and grow your business. Whether it's educational resources, risk management strategies, building code watch, financial/wage surveys, legislative alerts, in-plant safety and quality control, transportation issues, technical training or marketing plans, SBCA provides tangible benefits to members.

Contact: Ms. Trish L. Kutz • 608-274-4849 x168 • 608-274-3329 fax • Send Trish a messagewww.sbcindustry.com

Products & Services (1): Association

T. R. Miller Mill Co., Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #355

T. R. Miller Mill Company has been a quality lumber producer since 1872. We offer a full line of Southern Yellow Pine products, specializing in machine stress rated (MSR) lumber for the truss industry. Visit our booth and let us help you with your future lumber needs.

Contact: Ms. Chrystal Hillman • 251-867-4331 x228 • 251-867-6882 fax • Send Chrystal a messagewww.trmillermill.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

Tennessee Valley Forest Products — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #345

New Exhibitor 

Tennessee Valley Forest Products is a full service lumber company based in the heart of the south, Chattanooga Tennessee. With over 30 years experience in the lumber business, Gerald Lang has built a network of deep relationships with pine suppliers all over the southeast. Tennessee Valley has made its mark by understanding the particular detailed needs of builders and truss manufacturers. From engineering specifications to build-outs to structural grades, we have the expertise to meet your requirements.

Contact: Mr. Gerald R. Lang • 423-531-6140 • 423-531-6204 fax • Send Gerald a messagewww.tnvfp.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

The Hain Company — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #425

SBCA Member New Exhibitor 

The Hain Company specializes in measuring systems and machinery development solutions, for lumber precut yards/ roof and floor truss fabricators / wall panel fabricators / onsite panel framing / stick framing/ shed manufacturing/ TJI processing / light gage steel /random length cutting / precut packaging and processing. With 55 years experience building specialty machinery 35 years providing innovative simple solutions to component manufactures. The Hain Companies products reflect simple productive user friendly machinery that is built to last. This gives the customer an advantage to produce their products very efficiently at very little cost, with just minimal maintenance requirements. The Hain Company proudly broker’s these fine machinery manufactures Monet Desauw, Wood Runner and Square 1 Design.

Contact: Mr. Leonard Hain • 530-295-8068 • 530-295-0468 fax • Send Leonard a messagewww.thehaincompany.com

Todd Drummond Consulting, LLC. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #417

SBCA Member 

Lean manufacturing consulting services. 70+ consultations, 25+ years in the industry, and the 10+ years as an independent consultant. Most clients obtain a 3 to 6 point gain in net profit! Providing clients with truss labor time standards (R.E., S.U. or Man-Minutes and also known as the Houlihan Method) and lean principles with practical suggestions for improving the bottom line. All departments are addressed. (50% shop / 50% office) Included with my services is my new labor software that tracks individual trusses automatically. In addition, I am a referral agent to AppWright communication software and also collaborating with a financial advisory firm specializing in the building products and construction industry. We do advisory for debt, private equity capital, and mergers & acquisitions. Ask for details.

Contact: Mr. Todd Drummond • 603-763-8857 • none fax • Send Todd a messagewww.todd-drummond.com

TOLKO INDUSTRIES — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #442

SBCA Member 

Tolko Industries Ltd. (Tolko) is a private, Canadian-owned forest products company based in Vernon, British Columbia, which manufactures and markets specialty forest products to world markets. Since its beginnings in 1956, Tolko has grown from a small sawmill in Lavington, BC, to become a company diversified by geography and product, with approximately 5,000 employees across Western Canada. Tolko celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2006.

Contact: Mr. Lance Loose • 250-549-5368 • 250-545-0395 fax • Send Lance a messagewww.tolko.com

Products & Services (2): Lumber MillMSR Lumber Producer

Truss Machinery Connections, Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #450

Truss Machinery Connections, Inc., serves the component industry as a Manufacturers’ Rep and as a Machinery Broker for new and used equipment. TMC customers span across 36 states and 11 countries. TMC’s simple and honest approach is one that helps customers define and reach production goals while solving bottlenecks and production issues. Industry experience since 1983 includes working directly in component manufacturing to supporting manufacturers in design, design software, production and machinery.

Contact: Mr. Doug Johnson • 800-580-6430 x101 • 800-580-6424 fax • Send Doug a messagewww.trussmachineryconnections.com

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

Truss Plate Institute — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #541

SBCA Member Lanyards Sponsor

The Truss Plate Institute (TPI) and its members are connecting the truss industry. Stop by our booth to learn about our nationally recognized 3rd Party Quality Assurance Inspection program, BCSI Jobsite Packages, our TPI standards including ANSI/TPI 1, and to ask questions about all of our products and services!

Contact: Mr. Michael A. Cassidy, R.A. • 703-683-1010 • 866-501-4012 fax • Send Mike a messagewww.tpinst.org

Products & Services (2): AssociationThird Party Inspection Agency

Vaagen Brothers Lumber — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #445

New Exhibitor 

Family-owned small log mill that produces 200 million feet of MSR per year.

Contact: Mr. John Branstetter • 509-684-5071 x206 • 509-684-2168 fax • Send John a messagewww.vaagenbros.com

Products & Services (1): Lumber Mill

Vekta USA — 500 sq.ft. — Booth #401

SBCA Member 

Vekta USA, Manufacturer of Razor Linear Saws

Contact: Mr. Jeff Serrano • 907-230-8276 • Send Jeff a messagewww.vekta.com.au

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

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Wasserman & Associates, Inc. — 200 sq.ft. — Booth #430

SBCA Member SBC Bronze Advertiser 

Wasserman & Associates is a representative for new truss, wall panel, stair, door and finger jointing equipment. We also offer the option of used or reconditioned equipment. As a partner in your equipment selection process, we promote the equipment that best suits your individual requirements, not the equipment that optimizes our commission.

Contact: Mr. Rod Wasserman • 402-761-2421 • 402-761-2422 fax • Send Rod a messagewww.wasserman-associates.com

WEIMA America, Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #520

For 25 years WEIMA has been providing customized shredding solutions. Size reduction can be used to sell chips, provide boiler fuel or simply save on hauling and labor costs. WEIMA America offers both hopper-fed and horizontal machines with features like the V-Rotor System and the Cylinder-Assisted Lift-Up Screen.

Contact: Ms. Audrey Brewer • 803-802-7170 • 803-802-7098 fax • Send Audrey a messagewww.weimaamerica.com

Wescana Industries Inc. — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #228

New Exhibitor 

Building on years of experience in the industry, we specialize in manufacturing for the structural wood component industry. Our leading edge machine product line includes roof truss, floor truss, conveyor systems and stackers. We are a full-service manufacturing company, with services ranging from process analysis and efficiency optimization audits to complete design build applications. Our progressive approach to machinery design and manufacturing means our customers get a custom made product without the custom price tag. Our customers benefit from our decades of experience and technology based knowledge with our consulting services; including analysis and optimization, corporate governance audits, Just-in Time logistics and Lean production. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Wescana Industries offers the best in one-stop technological solutions. In our manufacturing facility, we offer off-the shelf, full-custom and semi-custom machinery, fabrication and machining. At Wescana, no job is too big or too small.

Contact: Mr. Amir Ahmadi • 403-617-8738 • 403-723-0717 fax • Send Amir a messagewww.wescana.ca

Products & Services (0): (none defined for this exhibitor)

West Fraser — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #423

SBCA Member 

In 1955, Sam, Bill and Pete Ketcham were young men who took a chance on a purchase of a small mill in the Town of Quesnel and started West Fraser. More than five decades later, the Company has grown from the original 12-person crew at Two Mile Flat to become the largest lumber producer in North America. Over the last ten years, West Fraser has grown outside of the Company’s original base in British Columbia, increasing our manufacturing capabilities in Alberta and the southern United States. Today we are the largest lumber manufacturer in Alberta and one of the largest in the U.S. South. Visit www.westfraser.com to learn more.

Contact: Mr. Lee Walker • 800-841-2507 • 901-620-4204 fax • Send Lee a messagewww.westfraser.com

Westervelt Lumber — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #646

SBCA Member 

Westervelt Lumber is a producer of FSC Certified SYP lumber. Our Mill in Moundville, AL produces 50 trucks/ day of lumber, timbers, boards and decking. We are easily able to serve markets in the Midwest and Northeast due to our location on the Norfolk Southern rail line. Lengths produced are 8' - 16', and dimensions are 2x4 - 2x12.

Contact: Mr. Mark Richardson • 205-562-5896 x4 • 205-562-5814 fax • Send Mark a messagewww.westervelt.com

Products & Services (2): Lumber MillMSR Lumber Producer

Weston Forest Products — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #343

SBCA Member New Exhibitor 

Weston Forest is one of North America’s leading full service distributors and remanufacturers of softwood & hardwood lumber and specialty panel products, with an extensive inventory of MSR and commodity lumber. Weston’s Truss Lumber Sales Group and US Trading Group can offer you mixed truckloads of lumber and panel products virtually anywhere in Canada and the eastern United States. Weston also has the exclusive sales for a group of sawmills in Northern Ontario, offering SPF production ranging from 1x2 to 12x12, up to 32’ long.

Contact: Mr. Steven Rustja • 888-695-8372 • Send Steve a message

Products & Services (2): Lumber DistributorLumber Wholesaler/Broker

Weyerhaeuser Company — 100 sq.ft. — Booth #357

SBCA Member 

Weyerhaeuser offers industry-leading softwood lumber, OSB, Trus Joist® engineered wood products, software, and technical support for residential, multi-family, and light commercial construction. Weyerhaeuser is also one of the largest building products distributors in the U.S., offering products through more than 300 suppliers. Our innovative software and cutting solutions, like Javelin® whole house design software and NextPhase® Site Solutions, combine to save you time and money on your way to building better, safer structures. Visit us in booth for a demonstration or online at woodbywy.com.

Contact: Ms. Amy Warren • 916-870-6284 • 253-942-0343 fax • Send Amy a messagewww.weyerhaeuser.com

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Wood Truss Systems, Inc. — 200 sq.ft. — Booth #635

SBCA Member SBC Gold Advertiser 

Fully independent, we search from a variety of industry suppliers for new and used equipment and services that best meet your needs. We've built a reputation and our whole business on it. Count on effective, economical and timely solutions featuring new and used: Wood Runner automated lumber retrieval; Roof & Floor Truss Equipment; Wall Panel Equipment; Automated Saws-Component, Radial Arm, Linear; and Automated Jigging, Measuring, Laser Projection. Respected by our customers and competitors alike for delivery of innovative and objective solutions that consistently places us among the top sales representatives in North America and the world.

Contact: Mr. Jay R. Halteman • 765-751-9990 • 888-751-9914 fax • Send Jay a messagewww.woodtrusssystems.com