Learning Labs


Join small-group discussions on key industry issues without leaving the show floor. Learning labs are scheduled during exhibit hours, so you won’t have to go far to find an in-depth conversation on the concepts speakers raise throughout the show. Spend focused time with your peers as you make sense of the information you’re absorbing, dive into technical detail, or develop strategies to implement new ideas. Learning Labs have also been incorporated into this year’s Session Tracks.

Wednesday, October 25

Data & Devices | 1p

Whether you’re evaluating employee productivity, your business bottom line, or your operational efficiency, you need tracking and reporting tools to make sense of your data. Share your successes and struggles with others working to quantify their operations.

Estimating Edge | 2:30p

The ideal sales team has seen it all. As you bring on new talent with fresh ideas but less experience, you need tools and training to get them up to speed. Swap tried-and-true techniques for improving sales and building your business.

Staying Safe | 4p

Everyone’s looking for ways to get people into the plant. But how focused are you on making sure they leave in the best possible condition? Get ready for Thursday’s safety speaker by sharing your struggles and successes in keeping production crews safe.

Thursday, October 26

Codes & Creativity | 12p

There’s more than one way to design to code, especially when there are so many local variations on requirements and standards. Dive into specifics and share the solutions you’ve found to meet the demands for your market.

Designer Diaspora | 1:30p

The best talent isn’t necessarily next door. Companies are growing and increasingly incorporating the technology that allows designers to work remotely. Share your strategies for managing a multi-location team.

Career Costs | 3p

What does it take to keep good employees long term? Share your employee incentive programs and retention strategies, and gain insight into what’s keeping people in the plant and office in other markets.