Building Component Manufacturers Conference

October 5-8, 2021 | Omaha, NE

2015 Educational Sessions

Wednesday, October 21

Time Title Description Speakers/Panel

9:30-10:30 am

Connector Design Considerations – Improvements Through SCBRI Research
  • Gain a better understanding of the considerations surrounding the application of ANSI/TPI 1 to connection systems that cause tension perpendicular to grain loading.
  • Learn how testing can help identify and address design issues.
  • Review current industry testing and proposed test concepts. 
  • Find out how to get involved in developing new test concepts to address designer needs.
Daniel Lawless, E.I.T, SBCRI
Jim Vogt, P.E., SBCA
9:30-10:30 am

Financial Decision-Making: How SBCA Can Help with Your Tool Kit

  • Receive solid explanations of CM-centric financial management concepts.
  • Discover SBCA tools that can customize the analytical framework and tailor it to your plant's unique characteristics. 
  • Join us for a 2015-2016 continuing education series including sessions on:
    • How to define and collect targeted data to support decision making.
    • How to differentiate between direct variable costs, indirect variable costs, fixed costs and overhead.
    • How design complexity figures into a pricing decision.
    • And more!

Kendall Hoyd, Residential Design Services
Sharon Hoyd, Sharpen Business Analytics

9:30-10:30 am

How Lumber Design Value Variability Affects Legal Responsibilities

  • Learn what significant changes to Appendix A of SPIB’s Grading Rules mean to CMs and their Truss Design Engineers.
  • Understand the reality that the grade stamp on lumber does not equate to the published design values and that Appendix A and PS20, the “lumber standard,” now emphasizes the fact that design values are merely representative of an entire lumber species producing region.
  • Review important businesses management considerations including:
    • Contract review
    • Submittals 
    • Notes/instructions on truss design drawings, placement diagrams and cover sheets
Kent Pagel, Pagel, Davis & Hill, P.C.
9:30-10:30 am

Achieving Maximum Efficiency: The Big Picture

  • Gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Learn how to best identify waste and measure/track data.
  • Discover that documentation is the key to improving efficiency.
Greg Griggs, Builders FirstSource
BJ Louws, Louws Truss
11 am - 12 pm

How Building Code Politics Affect Business Value for All CMs

  • Review the building code as the law. 
  • Discuss some of the ways the law legalizes competitive advantages.
  • Consider whether or not credible science and test data trump politics.  
  • Share in the lessons SBCA keeps learning about CM business devaluation. 
  • Think about how we can collectively become fair and free market change agents to regain the value of our engineering intelligence.
Kirk Grundahl, P.E., SBCA
11 am - 12 pm

How MSR Saves Me Money

Learn more about why component manufacturers use Machine Stress Rated (MSR) lumber, including:

  • How MSR allows for less waste, more optimized component design and more efficient production.
  • How MSR has earned customer loyalty through consistent structural and visual quality.
  • How MSR has reduced exposure to risk through more reliable lumber design values.

Jess Lohse, Rocky Mountain Truss Co.
Jack Littfin, Littfin Lumber Co.
Tim W. Riegel, PE, Rigidply Rafters, Inc.
Dennis Westhoff, Lumber Specialties Ltd.

11 am - 12 pm

Designer Training: Invest in Success

  • Receive an overview of a proven hiring process. 
  • Consider the benefits of an intensive training/mentoring program.
  • Understand how successful training equals loyal employees.
Mike Ruede & Travis White, A-1 Roof Trusses
11 am - 12 pm

Achieving Maximum Efficiency: The Real World

  • Learn practical applications for achieving maximum efficiency in your plant.
  • Enjoy before and after case studies from knowledgeable presenters. 
  • Discover hands-on methods to minimize/eliminate waste.
Greg Griggs, Builders FirstSource
BJ Louws,Louws Truss

Thursday, October 22

10:30-11:30 am

Optimizing Your Inventory/Designs

  • Consider the importance of inventory and cost knowledge and how it affects your bottom line.
  • Identify how your market affects your inventory.
  • Learn strategies for determining quantities for plates, hangers and grades, and how to be aware of inventory

Dan Morris, True House, Inc.
Kevin Riesberg, Plum Building Systems, LLC
Steve Szymanski, Truss Systems, Inc.
Garry Tebbens, UFP San Antonio LLC

10:30-11:30 am Turnkey Framing: The CM Experience
  • Discover why this is a concept to revisit and/or retry. 
  • Learn how to add value to your operations from CMs with real-life turnkey experience.
  • Consider CM turnkey as a profit center.

Mic​hael Balliet, Builders FirstSource
Bill Sauder, Holmes Lumber 

10:30-11:30 am IT for Managers: Why 'Backing Up' Isn't Enough
  • Enjoy a high-level overview of business continuity, disaster recovery and backups.
  • Understand the impact of disasters from a business standpoint versus a technology standpoint.
  • Consider the cost of downtime versus the cost of employing a disaster recovery plan.
Chris Alderink, Zeeland Lumber & Supply
Chris Cozart, Builders FirstSource
Greg Dahlstrom, Villaume Industries, Inc.
Jason Hikel, Shelter Systems Limited
Dan Holland, Clearspan Components, Inc.
10:30-11:30 am Fundamentals of Successful Automation
  • Explore the essentials of success for CMs that currently employ automation.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of the importance of material flow.
  • Learn how technology has changed the maintenance game, including who you need on your team to manage and care for your investment.
Buddy Raney, Raney Construction
Dana Rector, Universal Forest Products
1-2 pm

IT Deep Dive: Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

  • Learn the differences between disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC).
  • Receive an overview of BC/DR planning procedures.
  • Explore common pitfalls to avoid.
Greg Dahlstrom, Villaume Industries, Inc.
Jason Hikel, Shelter Systems Limited
Dan Holland, Clearspan Components, Inc.