Building Component Manufacturers Conference

October 5-8, 2021 | Omaha, NE

2016 Kickoff Presentation

Wednesday, October 19 | 7:30 am

Speaker: Captain George Dom 

BCMC gets underway with the announcement of this year’s industry award winners, a look at the BCMC Build project and an inspiring presentation on leadership by Captain George Dom.

In his leadership positions, Captain George Dom has learned that building strong teams and developing new leaders is not only essential for success, but also crucial to survival. Dom played key leadership roles in four aircraft carrier fighter squadrons and commanded the air wing of the USS John F. Kennedy during his 26-year career in the Navy. He was an instructor pilot at Topgun and served as commanding officer and flight leader of the Blue Angels.

Now a business aviation consultant managing a large corporate jet flight department in the San Francisco area, Dom is still keenly aware that achieving individual and collective high performance requires high levels of trust and full engagement from every member of the team. Join us to hear his thoughts on how to channel your full and best energy into your leadership and teambuilding endeavors.

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George_Dom1 from on Vimeo.