Building Component Manufacturers Conference

Wisconsin Center

400 W. Wisconsin Avenue • Milwaukee, WI • Map to Wisconsin Center

General Information

No Smoking Policy

For the benefit of patrons, guests and exhibitors, smoking (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited in the convention center.

Food Service

A food court is located on the show floor. Attendees have a lunch coupon inside their badge that is redeemable at the food court on the show floor on Wednesday and Thursday.

Age Limitation

Children 15 and older may be admitted to the exhibit area during exhibit hours only with prior approval from the BCMC Committee. Children 14 and under will not be admitted to the exhibit area. 

Photography or Video

Photographs and video may be taken at BCMC. Prior to taking a photo or video of an Exhibitor’s booth, consent must be obtained from the Exhibitor. No such images or video may be published without prior written approval of the consenting exhbitor and BCMC. Exhibitors are able to take video of or live stream their own booth. Requests for variance to this rule must be submitted in writing to the BCMC Committee.

Mobile Phones

Please silence your mobile phones during BCMC sessions. Thank you.